Friday, March 6, 2009

Color Code

It is amazing to see all of the brightly colored fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. They are particularly dazzling when they are fresh and in season at a farmers market. It may be surprising to some, that the the same substances that provide fruits and vegetables their color are also health promoting nutrients. In the book "The Color Code" by Dr. James Joseph and Dr. Daniel Nadeau
"One of the most exciting lessons to come out of new nutritonal research is the realization that the greatest number of healthful compounds can be found in the most colorful foods. " The Color Code reviews contemporary research on compelling reasons to eat colorful foods. For example, the simple blueberry contains nearly 100 phytochemicals - micronutrients contained in plants that protect it from diseases, solar radiation and microorganisms. The book provides substantial research on recommended foods by color classification.

In the next few postings, we will be taking a closer look at certain fruits and vegetables of intense color.

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