Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sea Vegetables

The sea is powerful in many ways. However, have you ever thought about the power of vegetables from the sea? Could green sea vegetables have superior nutrition to land grown vegetables ?

We don't typically think of sea vegetables or sea weed as part of the typical American diet, however, sea vegetables have long been part of the diet in some Asian countries, like Japan.

So, why eat seaweed? Why go to the sea, instead of the land? Well, sea vegetables have some of the highest vitamin and mineral content on an weight basis. Plus, they may be the most balanced mineral spectrum of all vegetables. In fact the mineral spectrum in seaweed is similar to the mineral spectrum of the sea itself and also similar to the mineral spectrum of the human body. Sea vegetables are contain calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, iodine, and phosphorus, as well as vitmans A, B, and C. Additionally, sea weed contains healthy concentrations of lignans, which may protect against cancer. This is good stuff!

The challenge, once again, is how to work a nutritious plant food like sea weed into you diet on a regular basis. More thoughts on that to come!

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Rick @ BookPubCo said...

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