Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart Health - Minimize Animal Protein

If you haven't considered reducing the amount of animal protein in your diet, scietific data strongly suggests that you do.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US.  Americans die from heart disease at a rate almost seventeen times higher than the Chinese, French, Portugese and Japanese. The cultures that have the lowest heart disease rates eats less saturated fat and animal protein and more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  It's not based on genetics.  What's startling is that Japanese men who live in California have much higher blood cholesterol levels and incidence of heart disease than Japanese men living in Japan. 

In the Framington Study, researchers indicate that 'blood cholesterol was negatively associated with complex carbohydrate intake."   Dozens of experimental studies show animal protein raises cholesterol whereas plant protein dramatically lowers cholesterol. 

It makes sense to minimize foods with high fat content.  What are they?

Fat Content of Sample Foods
Butter - 100%
Double Cheeseburger - 67%
Whole Cow's Milk - 64%
Ham - 61%
Hot Dog - 54%